Help Desk or Tech Support?

Difference Between Help Desk Versus On Site Tech Support

There is a big difference between help desk versus on site tech support. In fact, there is a wide difference between the two.

This is not a business sector that is going to involve much of a learning curve. The IT staffs are generally experts in their field. This means that people who need tech support should be able to find it online.

  • For someone who is running an online support program, there is usually no need for on site technical support staffs. Technicians can come and go as they please and if someone has a problem, they can just call the online office and they will be referred to the on site help desk.
  • On site tech support staffs do exist but you may not want to use them. Technicians or remote support professionals can get to your customer very quickly but you need someone who has been trained and has the ability to give clear and direct answers to questions. These people also know how to handle problems and difficulties with different people who are having problems.
  • On site tech support staffs may charge higher rates for higher levels of training but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need this kind of help. If you have only one person to handle all your technical support needs, you may not need to pay any fees at all.
  • When you are managing your on site tech support program, you want to have everyone working together as one team. That means that they all have to know how to speak English and understand the communication policies that the customer has set up. It also means that they have to be able to speak to the customer in a manner that is sure to make the customer feel comfortable and confident.
  • Another important skill that you want your technical support service to have is the ability to keep track of the issues that arise in the day to day operations of your company. In fact, a good technical support service will keep the check on customer information and help put together a detailed plan to solve issues.
  • A good technical support service will have a customer satisfaction assessment process and a workflow system to help keep track of the technical work that is done. They will also be able to set up a customer portal. By using these tools, you can have access to your customers in the most efficient way possible.

You need your on site tech support service to have the ability to understand the situation and to be able to help the customer with their issue. If they can’t do this, you may want to consider outsourcing your technical support needs.

In some cases, you will be able to use a web host that will have the capability to offer your technical support and they will also have a mailing list set up. You can also use a paid subscription program that will allow you to make calls and emails right from your company. You may have the ability to create virtual phone lines and also have the ability to email as well.

You may want to consider working with remote tech support services. This is a great idea because you don’t have to use any employees or have to keep track of employees when you are running your tech support.

If you have the time and the money, you can run your on site tech support. However, if you want to save yourself some costs and you don’t have the ability to hire a full-time staff, you may want to think about outsource the help desk services.

How Are Businesses Affected?

Does the difference between a help desk versus on site tech support have an impact on your business? In my experience it has.

In my experience, help desk versus on site tech support is much more costly than outsourcing it. It’s easier and less expensive to contract with an outside company. In fact, I’ve seen much more cost savings in the long run when I subcontract this task.

What I see most often, the result of having both in my office, am I starting to feel like a middle manager at first. As the business grows, I have to figure out ways to keep everyone happy. In addition, there are always those frustrations. And in that case, it is better to get help desk versus on site tech support in the first place.

Service, data, or data center issues, can cause even the best business to fail. Most of us are dealing with some form of IT service issue now.

The service it gives you will determine how well your business runs. They can be incredibly helpful. But there are all kinds of things that can go wrong when people don’t have the right tools. It can actually take a toll on the bottom line.

For instance, let’s say your help desk people have never had to deal with a fax that can’t be recovered from inbound call volume. Well, they probably know nothing about it.

But then, what if your on site tech support is new at this? He hasn’t seen it before and is dealing with it every day.

So now you have two people who are not only giving you a difficult time but are also very busy. Maybe they have more callers than they can handle. What happens is their call times shoot up.

They probably are not dealing with the problems they should be. Then in the end, they have more calls than they can handle and they need to get through them.

Of course, that means more costs. And at this point, the business is still going down.

There are other examples that I can think of when using help desk versus on site tech support. If there is no documented documentation for the service, then there is a chance that the service that you have gotten in the past might not be what you need.

Therefore, it might take more costs. This can be an option.